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Crowd Rising

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kalabash at Arusha Christmas Fair 2013

"All made in Africa" is what Kalabash presents to you,
Pottery, African Jewelry and Leather Accessories just for you,
When you visit Tanzania specifically Arusha,
Visit Kalabash at PPF SHopping Center,
Shop No. 15
Cell: +255 754 873 057
OR    +255 784 885 000

Shika Fashion Lable at Arusha Christmas Fair 2013

Arusha Christmas Fair is a meeting spot for different people,
Different organizations, companies, profit and nonprofit,
Shika a UK registered charitable organization aiming at create opportunities for the poorest people in Tanzania through access to education and trade.
Shika Fashion Label had this on sale:
Beautiful dresses, blouse, shorts and Tshirts

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Duchess Africa at Arusha Christmas Fair 2013

As I walked along the tents at the Arusha Christmas Fair,
My eyes laid on words that truly pair,
“Duchess Africa”
No beauty in fashion that can be compared,
It’s a true fashion affair,
Handbags and clutches designed in a unique and fashionable way I declare,
A designer from Holland mixing up her passion and inspiration on Africa’s patterns, colors, beads & leather to create eye catching handbags,
Based in the Geneva of Africa,
Arusha to be specific,
If you visit her shop it will be terrific,
Get yourself a handbag or a clutch from the New Collection of Duchess Africa.
For more details visit Facebook page: Duchess Africa

Malleni Designs at Arusha Christmas Fair 2013

       Towards the end of every year, near the Christmas season; A very big charitable event happens in Arusha. The event is called Arusha Christmas Fair.
        In this year one among the big designers in Tanzania, a talented designer, a former practiced lawyer, all the way from Uganda but based in Arusha.
       Had to make sure the event is presented in a unique and most fashionable way. Dolls to showcase case her designs plus what became an attraction to so many, live models as will be seen.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miranda's Birthday Party

The winds of blessings,
Blew on to the Italian-Tanzanian daughter,
The sun shone for the mother of one,
The love from friends and family,
Surrounded her beyond her world,
It was an amazing and blessed day for Miranda,
Amazing Birthday Party,
May the Lord grant her all her wishes.
Tutty and the birthday girl
Ladies looking hot as always
Joanne, Tutty and Tunu